Our Services

Our Services

Web Design

Custom website design for any budget, from a personal landing-page to a robust small business website. Efficient development techniques insures the greatest value for our client. We specialize in updating websites to current technologies that will be responsive to mobile devices and we build-in search engine optimization.

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Computer Repair/Tuning

Technical support for your PC-based computing environment that is directed to your specific environment and needs. If you are a novice user we can demonstrate "best practices" that will empower you with the skills to keep your computer secure and performing well. We also do performance analysis and tuning of your computer with all service requests.

Virtual Assistant

We can help you from our remote office. We provide many services such as: System administration; Email configuration and newsletters; Uploads and downloads; Wifi configuration and performance; Photo and image editing; Logos; Website assistance. Contact Us with your questions and requirements.


Hands on training is available to insure that users are following the best practices necessary to have the optimal computing and internet experience. We utilize a philosophy in computer education that follows clear and concise procedures that help to keep you computer secure, reliable, and performing as expected.

Cloud Computing

Don't keep all of your important data in one basket (your local hard drive). Take advantage of the cloud for data sharing, security, and backups. Synchronize and access your information on all of your devices with cloud sharing.

Security and Backup

Security for your information and identity are first priority for your home computing environment. This includes such items as robust password management, virus and malware removal and protection, and a backup strategy that is easy to use.