Web Design and Development

Web Design and Development

"The website is the App"

Custom Websites

Unique designs created for your specific needs, business or personal, using the latest technology that is easy to understand and maintain for the site owner.

Small or Large

No website solution is too small, any project from a personal micro-blog or portfolio to a full service Ecommerce site for a small business. The page layout and design will be responsive to all screen sizes, from mobile to desktop.

Upgrades and Conversions

Do you need to upgrade your existing website to a responsive mobile–first site? We do it with detailed attention to opportunitites for new feature integration, security, browser compatibility, optimization, and page load performance.

Software Engineering Meets Marketing

Web Design
Marketing your brand: Using creative integration of your logo, color scheme, content, and graphics along with any "bells and whistles". Design your custom page layout with easy navigation, well organized and impelling content, and responsive mobile-first compatibility. The first priority is in defining the website's desired purpose and outcome.

Web Development
Software Engineering best practices: Well founded customer requirements are determined first. Site development with a focus on usability, state-of-the-art design features, optimization and maintainability, finished with a robust validation test plan – all while practicing a reiterative design process to insure the best reliability and performance.

Tailor-Made Websites
- Personal and Small Business
- Micro–blog
- Portfolio
- Hobby or Club
Design Features
- Secure Forms
- User Login
- Template Integration
- Homegrown Apps (User defined)
Open Source Apps
- WordPress
- Ecommerce
- Customer Support
- Photo Gallery
- Blog
- Community Forum
- SQL Database Management
Website Upgrades and Conversions
- Mobile-first Responsive
- Requirements Review
- Analysis and Recommendations
Web Hosting Services
- Shared Hosting
- Domain Name Management
- HTTPS Support
- Content Management Tools

Original Web Page Design

Features of excellence: a clean look and feel for the user, easy navigation, appropriate color schemes and graphic design, and content that is impelling. Designs that execute the owners intentions and requirements for: content; page layout; navigation; and graphics; is our best practices business model.

Responsive Viewing

A responsive website is one that is viewable on any device. The content of your web pages automatically adapt to fit any screen size; from mobile phones, tablets, and computers, to large monitors connected to your desktop system. This requires careful planning in the design phase to insure the best browsing experience on your site.

Compatibility Testing

Web browsers are a complicated software application that we all use to access the internet. With many competing browser products available, it is imperative that each web pages displays properly and consistently on each of them. There are five commonly used browsers that need to be coded for and tested: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge (replacement for Internet Explorer), and Opera.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To be found on an internet search your website needs to be optimized beginning with the original design plan. There are many pieces that go into the plan, from good titles and descriptions, to mobile-compatibility, to a recent and accurate sitemap that is registered with the popular search engines. We build optimization in from the start of the development process.