Computer Repair

Computer Repair

Repair and Tuning

Technical support for your home or small business computer and WiFi network.


Contact us to discuss your computer or network problem. We support Windows computer systems and the associated network that connects to the World Wide Web. We can discuss your issue by Email or Phone to determine a recommended course of action. If the computer is still connected to the network we can provide Remote Diagnostics and analyze your system. If we need to work on the machine we support the central Connecticut area, onsite if necessary, for hardware repairs.

We take pride in educating the user on each service call regarding a particular problem or fix.

System Administration and Tuning

We can help with issues related to your system, software, and network. We specialize in performance tuning and will check benchmark levels whenever we look at your system (speedtest, boot-up time, etc).

If you are still running Windows 7 it is time to upgrade as it will expire in early 2020.

Windows Computers
- Hardware Repair
- Tune-Ups
- Virus Protection and Malware Removal
- Data Recovery
Systems Administration
- Software Configuration and Tuning
- Software Upgrades (Windows 7 expires in 2020)
- Disk Defragmentation
Performance Upgrades
- SSD Conversion
- Memory Upgrades
- System Optimization
- Tutorials for Common Tasks
- Cheat Sheets
- Presentations