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About Us

About doctorJones

We bring traditional computer best practices to our approach for the home and small business computer user.


Mr. Jones has a career that spans a period from large business computer systems of the past, to the present microcomputer technology. In the early days a business computer infrastructure was an extremely expensive investment, and downtime was critical, which meant that repairs had to be made quickly and efficiently to minimize risk of subsequent failures. Any changes or repairs had to be very well tested with a high confidence of success.

This is the resume and skill set represented in our service offerings.

System Administrator

With years of experience in enterprise system administration on many platforms, from IBM Mainframes to Unix servers, we apply that acquired knowledge to your PC-Based system. Windows computers, as in all computers, require ongoing maintenance to continue running at their full potential.

Periodic optimization is required to keep a computer running efficiently and reliably. Computer administration is an art as well as a science, to maintain peak performance and minimal downtime.

Computer Service
- Remote Diagnostics
- Hardware Repairs and Upgrades
- System Administration and Virus Removal
- OS Upgrades (Windows 7 expires in 2020)
Personal Tech Support
- Annual Contract (30 Day Trial Available)
- Email support
- Remote Login
Backups and Optimization
- Backup Implementation (Cloud or USB Stick)
- System Speed-Up
- Disk Defragmentation
Anti-Virus and Password Management
- Virus (Malware) and Identity Protection
- Anti-virus Software Implementation
- Strong Password Implementation